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Breastfeed Your Child Comfortably

Breastfeeding is an intimate moment between the baby and the mother. This doesn’t mean that it’s always comfortable. Therefore it is essential that mothers find the proper position to breastfeed their babies. One of the best ways is by employing the best nursing pillow to help support the mother’s back and the baby’s body. But what else can mothers use to make sure that they are comfortable and supported? Here are the tips that we can provide. 

What’s Important

Always remember to drink water. Mothers who are breastfeeding need to hydrate often. So prepare a big glass of water, or a big bottle of water to quench your thirst. 


The Cradle Hold

best nursing pillow

This is the most well-known position among mothers to breastfeed their children. For caesarean mothers, however, this position might be a tad uncomfortable because the baby must lie across your tummy. This might hurt the scar. 

To sit in the cradle hold position, sit in a comfortable chair with arms rests or a bed with cushions or pillows around you. Then, lie the baby across your lap, place the baby’s head on your forearm, and the nose must be positioned towards your nipple. The baby’s lower arm should be placed under yours. 

Lying on your side

This is the most suitable way for mothers who just had caesarean or difficult delivery because it doesn’t affect the stomach. Hence, to start, get comfortable lying on your side and the baby must lie facing you. This way, you are tummy to tummy with the baby. Check that none of the baby’s parts are twisted such as ears, shoulder, and hip. 

Put cushions or pillows behind you to support your back. Next, place a rolled-up blanket behind the baby to support them. The blanket must be removed once your baby has finished breastfeeding. Then, tuck your arm under your head or pillow. Use the free hand to guide the baby’s head to your breast. 

Laid-back nursing

best nursing pillow

For this position, lie on a comfortable sofa or bed in a semi-reclined position. If you just had a c-section, then lie your baby across you and away from your scar. 

You must prop yourself up with cushions or pillows. By placing the necessary items, your back, shoulders and neck are supported. Once you are comfortable, place the baby on your front. This way, you are tummy to tummy. But if this is uncomfortable for you, lay them to one side. To ensure that you and the baby are in the right position, make sure that you are upright enough to be able to look at the baby in the eyes. As you support the baby, guide her or him to your nipple gently. 

These are three of the most well-known way to breastfeed. However, if you have difficulty in breastfeeding, you might want to read more into that topic or seek advice from a professional.

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