What is Republic Web Design Service?

What is Republic Web Design Service?

Republic Web Design Service is a web design service that provides you with a customized website design. Which design makes your business or personal site more perfect for.  But did you know the type of Republic Web Design Service and what type of website that you can make? 

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Type of Web Design Service 

  1. Static page layout

      One of the most basic types of website design is static page layout. With this layout, you can  build a website with pre-set page dimensions which has a permanent width. These static layouts will stick to these dimensions, regardless of the browser or device type.

  1. Liquid design layout

      Next  is liquid design layouts. This layout, also known as fluid design. This website uses flexible units rather than the fixed units static layouts use. Since the units are flexible, the page will always fill the width with the device’s screen. Because user experience is critical to your site driving and engaging traffic. These liquid layouts have also started to phase out as a viable option for businesses. 

  1. Adaptive website layout

      One web design format you can use for your site is adaptive website layout. This website uses CSS queries to adjust the website’s size. Not only that, they also use it to detect the size of the browser. Adaptive websites will automatically alter the website’s layout to provide the best user experience for visitors.

  1. Dynamic website layout

      When you’re looking at a list of the types of web design, you’ll see that the dynamic website layout is an option. This Dynamic website layouts are great for people who don’t have extensive HTML knowledge. These websites can deliver different content to website visitors, even if two separate people look at the same page.

  1. Responsive design layout

       Next type of website layout is responsive design layout. This layout format is the most popular type. That is because they will allow your site to accommodate all devices. Not only that they also will fill the browser size perfectly. Responsive design is built with a mobile-first approach.

  1. Single page layout

      The last item we’ll cover on our list of types of web design is a single-page layout. These single-page layouts use only one page that users can scroll down to find information. For example they want to search about your products or services. With this design layout, you also can have a “navigation menu” with links to specific points of your page.

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Websites That You Can Create

  1. Blogs

      First on our list of types of websites is blogs. Blogs are websites that share helpful information with readers. For example, helpful information  about topics in their industry. But you may consider creating a blog site if you’re doing content marketing.

      Content marketing is a crucial strategy that helps your business to grow online and build trust with your audience. You also may consider having a separate blog website into your core website. Which to help you to take advantage of the benefits of content marketing.  This website type are adaptive and responsive.

  1. Ecommerce websites

      An ecommerce website is one of the websites that would help your business. This website type is best for your business if you sell products. They are built to host product pages, add products to a cart, and complete transactions. If you’re looking for a website  to sell products, this website type is best for your business. This website is responsive and adaptive and they are the most suitable for an ecommerce site.

  1. Business websites

      Another type of website you can create is a business website. A business website is a standard site that contains information about your company. They also had information about the services that you offer. You may also build a business site just to showcase what you offer if you do not sell things online. These sites are simple and they serve as a hub for people to learn about your business. You can use this website type if you’re not selling products on your website. 

  1. Membership websites

       The last type of website you can create is a membership website. With this website you have a paywall for people to enter. Which means only people who have a membership can enter your site. They also can see the product that you sold. If you want to use this website type, you need to use two types of web design layouts. Which is adaptive or responsive. These layouts will work best for hosting products for members.

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