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A complete guide through SAP Big Data

What is Sap data 

Sap bid data essentially stands for Systems Applications and Products. It is a software which is registered under the name of the company. This is created to help a specific company to keep up with its activities that are done. It also sort of helps the company keep all the data related to their brand or business. It resembles a large summary page of what the entire business is already doing. To enable those in authority to plan and respond appropriately, all of this data needs to be collected, sorted, and structured. SAP also collects data on client interactions. Contrastingly, Big Data is fundamentally just data sources that have been obtained by numerous places and departments, like sales, production, etc.

Comparison between costs involved 

While comparing the cost and expenditure of a centralised system users with those who utilise decentralised systems it is said that the  centralised system users costs would be significantly lower. This is because there isn’t  any type of additional labour costs when the  work is done efficient. Unplanned work would be a problem for businesses without a system whereby all departments could provide and access information. It also drives up the cost of labour. Which perfectly explains the differences in cost. 

Process & parties involved in the production planning 

  • Human resource – to overlook the worker and the entire process that goes in the Big data 
  • Finance: Another important department that is needed for accounting purposes and keeping in track of the entire organization’s expenses. Also needed to supervise the gain and the loss for the company. 
  • Quality management – They are basically in charge of all quality assurance, and it is closely related to the previous sections

Types of big data 

Structured Data

It is well recognized that this form of data is the simplest to search and organize. Typically, it includes financial and demographic information. Even while structured data is typically present in huge amounts, there are times when it does not meet the criteria to be classified as big data because it already contains organized data that is straightforward to search for and organize. It offers a simple approach that enables both database designers and administrators to create the search and analysis algorithms.

Unstructured data 

While this form of data can contain only the necessities like photographs, social media posts and audio files, it is also difficult to view in the typical row-column relational databases. It is much more challenging to use than structured data. Both the analysis and the searching must be done by hand. In addition, this type of data takes a long time to process and is typically stored in data lakes and data warehouses.

Semi-structured Data

It contains both of the previous kinds of information. Emails are among the best instances of semi-structured data. You would notice sections for the date, the sender and receiver among many others , this would be applied only if you are familiar with emails. Both structured and unstructured data can be sent by devices with similar parts and features. Hence it is called as the semi-structured data 

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