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Advantages Of Cast Iron Cookware

Besides planning to buy serve ware online Malaysia, you also have to buy some cookware for your new kitchen in your new home so you can finally start cooking. There are tons of cookware made of various materials with a variety of advantages. Of all the materials you can choose, you best buy some cast iron cookware.

You might ask what makes cast iron different from other steel pots and pans. Well, even after many years, cast iron is still highly regarded for its own reasons.


One of the main advantages of cast iron cookware is retaining heat. As long as it stays hot, you can dump in food anytime to cook them. Cast iron is also versatile in cooking settings. If you are cooking at home, you can use stoves whether they are operating in gas, electric or induction. 

Want to bake a dish? Cast iron cookware is also acceptable in ovens.

Or how about when you are outside camping and you are going to boil water or cook meat or bannocks? In this case, a cast iron pot or pan will be a great cooking tool for your campfire thanks to its heat retainment properties. Do keep in mind that regardless of your cooking platform, it takes a while for cast iron to heat up and cool down too.

Easy cleaning

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Cast iron can be cleaned just as any cookware of other materials, except the catch is that it has a natural nonstick surface, which helps if you are cooking food like eggs or fish, which can stick to the bottom. This property makes cast iron easier to clean than glass or aluminium, so you wouldn’t have to scrape off food as hard as you can.

Boost iron level

If you are feeling anemic or your iron levels are low for whatever reason, cast iron provides the means to boost it. Since it is, well, iron, the food that you cook inside will be leached by the material, increasing iron content for up to 16%. Some doctors may also recommend you to cook in cast iron cookware to improve your iron levels.

So go fix yourself up with T-bone steaks grilled in your cast iron pot and gobble up. Adding more ingredients like potatoes or other vegetables? Toss them into your cast iron cookware too. Now you have more iron.


Unless you are buying a set, cast iron cookware is generally affordable, so if you are looking for a good pan or pot, you usually have to pay around the tens to just over RM100 ringgit. To be sure that the cookware that you want is a good option at a cheap price, you can check with the seller or manufacturer.

Alternatively, if you know there is a sale involving kitchen appliances and cookware in your mall or so, you can head there and see the prices and quality for yourself.


As long as you take care of them properly, cast iron can last for a very long time, and it is thus no mystery that your grandma keeps her cast iron pan for many years since her youth. 

Even rusted cast iron cookware can be restored by soaking them in white vinegar and removing the loosened rust with a buffing attachment on a drill. Otherwise, if the rust is light, you can just use a handheld scrubber.

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