Type of Paint-Wax Emulsion Selangor

Wax Emulsion Selangor? What is Wax Emulsion Selangor? Wax Emulsion is a formulated wax emulsion and dispersions consist of fine particles of stabilized wax evenly dispersed in water. For today let’s talk about one of the uses of this Wax Emulsion Selangor which is paint. Did you have any idea that actually we had like 10 kinds of paint? Here are some of them.

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Type of Paint

Oil Based Paint

Oil based paints are often the choice of the professional painter. They provide a durable, hard surface that repels water, blocks stains well and provides good adhesion. This oil based paint is ideal for indoor and outdoor bare wood surfaces. For example, painting windows and doors. However, they don’t apply as easily as water-based paints, they usually take much longer to dry, and white paints yellow faster than similar water-based paints. Oil-based paints are also more likely to emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which have linked to health concerns.

Water-Based Paints

The advancement of water-based paints means that they are almost (but not quite) as durable as oil-based paints, but have several key advantages. They tend to dry much faster and are easier to apply with the brush or roller so popular with DIYers. Brushes and tools are quicker and easier to clean, they have less odor and are more ecological. Emulsion, Satin, Gloss and Matt paint is typically water based and is ideal for interior walls, windows, doors and for painting baseboards.

Spray Paint

Spray paint usually comes in a can and used to paint small surfaces such as chairs and cabinet doors for a smooth, even, factory-style finish. It’s quick and easy to apply, but you need to make sure Apply thin, even coats to avoid smearing. It usually has a strong odor and leaves a fine mist around the painted areas. So prep and masking required to keep these areas free of paint, a paint generally used on exterior surfaces. Such as brick, stone, concrete, plaster and pebbles. The best wall paints offer good, long-lasting waterproofing and protection. They come in two finishes which are smooth and textured. Smooth is easier to clean, while textured is the best option for concealing blemishes but is more difficult to clean and requires more frequent cleaning.

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Emulsion is a permanent, water-based paint typically used for walls and ceilings. The two common types are matte and silky. Matt has a very low gloss and reflects very little light, making it ideal for painting ceilings and walls that may not be perfect. Silk has a higher luster and is more durable and easier to wash than matte, but is more likely to show blemishes. It applies easily with a brush and roller and is easy to clean.

Gloss And Semi-Gloss

Gloss has a very high gloss, while Semi-Gloss has a slightly lower gloss ( but still high gloss giving it a luxurious looking finish. Typically used for wood trim such as baseboards, door frames, doors and windows, but can also used on walls. The best gloss paints produce a durable finish that is easy to clean. But its high gloss means it reflects a lot of light and shows surface imperfections. To get a good finish, you need to prepare a little more.


Eggshell has a low gloss but higher gloss than matte finish and has an eggshell like finish hence the name. Comparing eggshell to satin, this color looks similar but generally has a slightly lighter sheen. Works well in woodworking for a durable finish that can cleaned if necessary.