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The Best Private Medical School In Malaysia

Congratulations on your incredible academic success and achievements, students! You have passed the National Examination and equivalence with flying colours. Now you may be wondering about a medical school in Malaysia that can offer a high-quality education in Foundation in Science with medical scholarships  to fulfil your dream as a professional health practitioner. RUMC is a prestigious private institution located in Pulau Pinang that offers international syllabus for people of Science! In this article, we will cover 5 sections for you – background of RUMC, entry of requirements, academic fees and scholarships, programme delivery for every semester and student accommodation!

Background of RUMC

medical school in Malaysia

RUMC is the Foreign University Branch Campus of two famous Irish medical universities – The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and University College Dublin (UCD). This institution, RUMC offers different levels of continuing your studies and dreams in the Science field. You may start your journey in studying Science and Medical at a foundational level before pursuing to the next level. As a student of Foundation in Science (FIS) at RUMC, you will build foundational knowledge in that highly-skilled field.  Furthermore,  this university offers an Irish medical syllabus for you to learn and be a person that is  more knowledgeable in the Science field between two different countries. This will be an exciting experience as you receive a high-quality Irish education syllabus that will help you to expand your knowledge in Science and Medical, and expose yourself to the Irish work culture, although you are staying in Malaysia!

Entry Requirements

The enrollment at RUMC is not limited to the Malaysian students only, but it is open for all, regardless of the citizenship, background of previous school and social status. Here is the list of entry requirements that you shall check and fulfil before applying to RUMC.

Academic Certificate

  • SPM, IGCSE, O-Level

You are eligible to apply to RUMC, if you obtain 3As 2Bs (AAA BB) in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/Additional Mathematics, AND one other non-language subject.

  • Thailand – Matayom 6

Obtain a CGPA above of 3.0 with a GPA above of 3.5 in each of Science (including Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Mathematics and English respectively.

Obtain B4 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics or Advanced Mathematics.

  • Vietnam – High School 

45/50 points with a subject combination of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and an additional subject.

  • Other Qualification

RUMC will consider students from other qualification on a case-by-case basis. 

Language Requirements

Submit English language requirements in the form of IELTS, TOEFL, and/or SPM GCE 119 English. The team of admission will confirm your eligibility  upon receiving your application.

Academic Fees and Scholarships

medical school in Malaysia

In general, academic fees for Malaysian and international students are below RM 50,000. Here is a precise fee that students of RUMC should pay:

Malaysian students: RM 30,000.

International students: RM 35,000. 

Other than that, this institution would like to award RUMC medical scholarships for top SPM (and equivalent) students. 50% Scholarships will be rewarded to students who achieve 8 A’s and above in SPM and equivalent examinations. Meanwhile, 25% Scholarships will be rewarded to students who achieve 6 A’s and above in SPM and equivalent examinations.

Programme Delivery for Every Semester

Students of Foundation in Science at RUMC shall finish their studies within 3 semesters.

Here are programmes that you will learn in Semester 1:

  • General Physics 1
  • General Biology 1
  • General Chemistry 1
  • General Mathematics 
  • Language, Communication and Study Skills 1
  • Basic IT

Here are programmes that you will learn in Semester 2:

  • General Physics II
  • General Chemistry II
  • Human Systems 1
  • Language, Communication and Study Skills II
  • Professionalism in the Health Sciences I

Here are programmes that you will learn in Semester 3:

  • Physics for Health Sciences
  • Chemistry for Health Sciences
  • Human Systems II
  • Introduction to Diseases, Diagnostics and Therapeutics
  • Professionalism in the Health Sciences II

Student Accommodation

If you are studying Foundation in Science (FIS) or any level of education at RUMC, you will experience a premium student living experience at a reasonable price! The students will be placed in the fully furnished hostel rooms located at i-Santorini. The distance between the hostel and your university campus is just 15 minutes away. Every room is well-equipped with various accommodations such as a washing machine, water heaters, Wi-Fi, swimming pool, gymnasium, cycling track, meeting rooms, and small cooking areas to make your student life easier. 

To know further details regarding Foundation in Science at RUMC, you may click the link:

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