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How To Set Up A Laboratory

Experiments must be conducted in a controlled environment. A controlled environment refers to a space where it is sterile, neat and organised. These are called laboratories. Labs are built and designed for one purpose only. To meet the requirements of the tests and experiments that will be carried out in this space. This includes having the proper equipment, having safety measures and comfortable settings for the researchers.

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If laboratories fail to meet these requirements, they are putting both the experiment and researchers at risk. Make the slightest mistake in an experiment and it all goes down the drain. That scenario can happen, or the researchers are placed at risk because the designers failed to integrate safety measures and protocols within the lab. 

So, in order to avoid this from ever occurring, lab designers need to plan ahead of time. They need to be prepared for any possibility or any disastrous consequences. However, before the specifics are discussed, a brief grasp of the needs should be understood. Here are three brief ways to prepare for laboratory setup.

Determine a suitable location

Choosing a suitable location is essential to the development of a laboratory. A lab designer should ensure that the lab will be able to meet the requirements of a lab such as space for equipment, storage for substances, safety protocol stations, adequate lighting and air-conditioning. These are just some of the factors that should be considered when choosing a location. Furthermore, the location of the lab should have large entrances and clearances so that the equipment can be loaded and relocated if needed. Every other year, scientific equipment is upgraded and invented. So, to allow the smooth instalments of the new and upgraded equipment, the hallways and entrances should be big enough to accommodate the size of the equipment. 

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Attain laboratory equipment and supplies

The purpose of the lab must first be determined. This is because experiments differ from each scientific field. Biology experiments need equipment and supplies that differ from Physic experiments and supplies. Once the purpose is determined, the supplies and equipment can be determined and attained as well. Researchers will be able to carry out the experiments and investigations according to their research. From there, the equipment and supplies can be advanced and upgraded according to the needs of the lab users. More advanced equipment include analytical equipment and high-sensitive measuring devices. 

Secure the safety of laboratory 

The safety of the lab is one of the most prominent things to be considered. Labs should have safety protocols such as tying long hair, wearing lab coats, latex gloves and safety glasses. Laboratories should have fire systems, fire extinguishers, ventilation systems, showers and eyewash stations. These are safety stations that allow the lab users to feel safe and secure. They can immediately head out to the eyewash stations if they caught chemicals in their eyes. They can also use the fire extinguishers provided if a small fire erupts due to a failed experiment. This is why safety stations and protocols are necessary in a laboratory. 

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