I Have No ‘Ikea’ How To Build This: The Weirdest IKEA Products That You Can Order Online Right Now

Oh, IKEA – the furniture company that we all love to hate, and hate to love. 

In recent decades, IKEA has become the household name in the world of DIY furniture. Despite this-worldly fame, however, it’s reputation is a bit…polarized, so to speak; with most people in the world buying their furniture, but also hating how confusing the instructions can sometimes be. Not to mention: it’s nature as a Swedish company with a propensity for odd names has earned it a bit of a meme status as of late; with hundreds of people on the Internet poking fun at the strangely-named furniture pieces. I could get offended on IKEA’s behalf, but seriously though – should it really be that hard to know how to build a ypperlig?? 

(…if you don’t know what a ypperlig is, it’s an ashwood four-legged IKEA table.) 

Difficulty to assemble aside, there are some IKEA furniture that cross the threshold from simply ‘difficult’ to just plain…strange. There are a plethora of odd items you can peruse and even buy for yourself online; as IKEA, a strange furniture company it may be, also has a pretty decently-designed online website that looks as though it’s been designed by a good website design company Penang company in Malaysia. Still: if you’re wondering what weird things can be purchased among IKEA’s (online) shelves, here’s a list of the weirdest IKEA products you can order online right now! 


Okay, I concede – this first one isn’t so much strange as it is strangely adorable! 

The Lurvig is a cute black cat or dog bed that’s perfect for your pet, but that’s not really where the strangeness lies. After all, pet beds are nothing new in this society, and everyone who has a pet owns at least one in their pet-loving lifetime. No – the strangeness and adorableness of the Lurvig comes from the fact that, despite being a dog or cat bed, the thing looks almost exactly like a shrunken version of a human couch! 

The Lurvig is a black, box-shaped piece of furniture that scarily resembles a seat a regular human would sit on – albeit quite a deal smaller. I honestly swear I have almost the exact same (human-sized, though-) looking couch positioned outside my room right now, and the thought of my cat curled up on a miniature version of it is honestly so cute it sends tears to my eyes. So, yeah – if you have a cat and want to give them what’s essentially a pet-sized human couch, get yourself a Lurvig! 


For lack of a better term, the Krabb is, essentially, a very funky-looking mirror. 

At IKEA, the Krabb is a mirror that’s distinct in it’s wavy-shape and versatility; in that you can buy multiple Krabbs and position them in any way you want. Placing Krabbs on top of each other creates a weird squiggly mirror stand; placing them in a 2 by 2 position creates what looks like a wobbly windows logo. Still; it’s a pretty fun and aesthetic way to decorate your house – if you can get past the confusion as to why you need a squiggly mirror in the first place. 

Also, to make things stranger: ‘Krabb’ in Swedish means ‘choppy’ in sailor speak, which is…a strange thing to name a mirror, to say the least. 


The first time I went to IKEA and saw this thing sprawled out over the floor, I legitimately thought someone had just skinned a bear and laid it’s fur out for display. No, I’m not joking. 

The Smidie is an incredibly fluffy, furry rug that, according to IKEA, adds a note of coziness to any room. And yeah – once you get over the initial shock of thinking your friend had killed a wild animal somewhere and is using it’s skin for aesthetic…I guess it does look kind of cozy? 

The fluffiness of the rug is weird enough, but it’s shape also adds an extra note of oddity to the whole thing. The rug is shaped in a very strange, unconventional way; symmetrically wavy on both sides, completely flat at the bottom, rising to a rounded peak at the top. At this point, they’re not really hiding the fact that it looks like shorn-off animal skin, are they? 

There are tons of really wacky things to buy in IKEA, and this list just kind of illustrates it. So the next time you shop for things in IKEA, why not keep these 3 strange items in mind? 

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