Family Education Website is a website that has been a resource for parents since 1996 all around the world. In addition to parenting advice of all kinds, the site also offers cooking ideas, arts and crafts projects, educational events, online communities, and parenting bloggers. Family Education: Family life education was one of the first professional organizations for family life educators in the US, and the National Family Relations Council (NCFR) describes Family Life Education as: “Family Life Education is an educational effort to strengthen individual and family life in perspective. The purpose of Life Education is to enhance and expand the quality of life altogether including individuals and families. This official program is a relatively new phenomenon. However, Family Life Education has existed unofficially throughout history – with advice on marriage and parenting from generation to generation, and written information in ancient scriptures, mythology, and religious books.

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The Family Life Education Manual gives suggestions to define the term, further by scholars since 1962 as the fields evolved over time and also define the Family Education Website. Unlike Family Therapy, Family Life Education uses a prevention model – it teaches families to enrich family life and prevent problems before they arise. Family therapy intervenes especially after problems arise. Research from Rand Corporation (Early Childhood Interventions: Proven Results, Promises from Rand research reports) and the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank (Early Childhood Development: Economic Development with High Public Returns) shows family problems become less destructive when prevention is for people – and cheaper for the community – can be fought for. Family Life Education acknowledges that not only are those experiencing hardship, but all families can benefit from education and enrichment programs.

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