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Countries you can work after pursuing nursing course.


Registered and accredited nurses can basically find employment in so many different settings and even in so many different countries. The field of nursing also offers high job prospects that are not narrowed down to one specific category or department, to put it in simple words it is quite easy to land a job for those who have practiced nursing. Nursing is also a job that allows its practitioners to earn an excellent starting pay compared to people in other industries. It is a job that is emotionally and financially gratifying. As a stepping stone to your career kickstart in the nursing career, you can take up foundation studies. It is said that to study foundation in science in Ireland would be the best choice as Ireland is very well known for science related studies. The demand for nurse in foreign land is pretty high that they start working and eventually settle there 

  1. Saudi arabia 

Besides being known for its attractive travel destinations, Arab is one of the countries that provides exclusive benefits to the nurses who are working there. Let’s say if you are intending to work as a nurse in arab just to gain experience and not as your full time job, you are still entitled to get a certain amount of money which is called the experience allowance. Besides if you have worked for a few years then you are able to bring your partner and your children along with you. The nurses would be provided with accommodation and even if they are not provided with one they would get housing allowance. There’s a medical insurance that would keep you covered and you would receive a Tax-free income 

  1. Ireland 

There is a high demand for nursing when it comes to countries like Ireland because of their ability to complete several primary care services. Generally, healthcare in Ireland is known for its perks and its modernized technologies. This is another attributing factor that cataracts nurses from all around the world to actually work there. They offer better working conditions for the medical staff. International nurses can apply for citizenship which would allow you to bring along your other family members to work with you. It has a promising quality of living alongside its good pay.

  1. Canada 

This is a country that is very well known for its universal healthcare. People from all around the world actually go to Canada to get their treatment. They have some of the comprehensive medical centres and well known medical practitioners. Being able to work there would definitely mean that They pay their nurses very well, it is said that the nurses in Canada earn a good amount while they work there. It depends on the field of expertise and specialization. They also automatically apply their workers to become part of their pension scheme. Now that is cool.