Carbon Steel Pipes vs Stainless Steel Pipes

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Stainless steel is a common term that we would usually see in piping systems and even the common household utensils. But how about carbon steel pipes? Have any of you heard of this? We are aware that there are various types of steel. Stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes are among them. If any of you are looking for carbon steel pipe malaysia, that is such a good idea. We will learn further about the differences between these two types of steel in this post.

What Are the Differences? 

Stainless Steel

We see stainless steel almost everywhere. They are used in a number of industries such as the factories, the health industry, and the automotive industry. Their most significant specialty is definitely their durability and the fact that they would never rust or oxidise. This is why we see them everywhere in our daily life. When you see a shiny metal somewhere, that’s probably stainless steel. The reason why stainless steel was invented because iron-based metal, especially steel can oxidise easily. Hence why they are designed in order to avoid from being oxidised. With 10% chromium content, it is most likely better than other types of iron. Basic carbon steel usually contains about 2% carbon, which would make it rust quickly. Chromium is a very important element as it can be exposed to oxygen and maintain its original form. 

Carbon Steel 

Carbon steel is a type of steel that is a blend of iron and carbon. It might contain different substances in the following or unmeasured sums. Carbon steel is grouped by how much carbon content is blended in with the iron. They are usually used in heavy-duty industries. 

Typically, low-to-mid carbon steel will have under 0.3% carbon, while high carbon would contain up to 2%. Carbon is the element that contributes to their strength. Carbon steel is known for its durability and its capacity to endure exceptionally high temperatures.

The Advantages

Of course, both of them hold their own advantages. Let’s go through what stainless steel pipes have first.

  1. Rust-resistance
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As mentioned before, containing 10% of chromium is enough to make them rust-resistant. They can never oxidise and rust due to this reason. Created by Harry Brearley in 1913, it was known as the first rustless steel in the world. A 316-grade stainless steel 

  1. Strength

Stainless steel is known to be very strong, tough, and durable. Not only it is rust-resistance, but it can also handle very high temperatures and low temperatures. It can still maintain its original form even though it was on fire. 

  1. Can be used for a long term

This is what most people would prefer, which is to invest in something that would guarantee its quality and durability. You wouldn’t have to spend your money just to replace your pipes by installing stainless steel. Apart from that, stainless steel is 100% recyclable. Since stainless steels have a very high life expectancy, it can be recycled into many useful items and this is very healthy for the environment too. 

Well, those are the advantages of stainless steel pipes. But how about carbon steel pipes? Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Durability

Just like stainless steel pipes, carbon steel pipes are known for their durability too. 

Since most heavy-duty industries would utilise them, they are usually very safe to be used too. In case a fire breaks out, they are made of non-combustible elements, hence it would refrain fire from spreading. This is very vital, especially for buildings like offices and also houses. 

  1. Cost-effective

Carbon steels are known as the cheapest for piping. But with the benefits you gain from it, it is totally worth your money. They require fewer repairs or renovations which would be a life-saver, especially for those who want to stick to their budget. 

  1. Recyclable 
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Both types of steel are recyclable, which is very crucial in order to prevent pollution or causing damage to the environment. 

Apparently, both stainless steel pipe and carbon steel pipe have their significant differences and benefits. These are just a few of their benefits and advantages. You can make your decision after making up your mind and once you are done, you are able to choose one of these for your building or premise. 

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