Hypro PVC-O Pipe Malaysia

What Does Hydro-PVC-O Pipe Malaysia Means?

To many who are not familiar with the meaning of Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia, do not sigh, because this type of material is not famous among people or the society, most of the time this hydro-PVC-o pipe Malaysia is utilized in high intensity sectors that have big types of projects going on. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the vast majority of people who reside in Malaysia have no clue about the use or the function of Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia. Nevertheless, why is it named Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia. So, without further prolonging this topic, let’s get into information and details to blow your mind away.

Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia

If you are able to break the name into two categories, you will be able to see the real definition of the name. For example, Hydro, as we all know, hydro is the meaning of molecule combination such as fluid or water. On the other hand, PVC-O is a fragment or updated version of the old traditional PVC that we can find in the markets nowadays. So, let’s dig more deeper regarding the PVC-O presence in this pipe.

Hypro PVC-O Pipe Malaysia


PVC-O is made through the combination of PVC molecules in it.  The name of the process is called as biaxial orientation. The benefits of PVC-O is that the products that are made through this biaxial process, are known to be twice stongful when it comes to strength, and 10 times impact resistant when compared to a traditional PVC.

This type of PVC-O is actually thin in nature where the reduction of 50% of its thickness is reduced therefore, it makes it even more wanted in many sectors and big scale projects, since the potential of its weight is going to be light once it is filled with fluid types of material.

In addition, the thickness of the wall from the Hydro-PVC-O Malaysia which can be reduced 50% as mentioned above, is able to maintain the pressure that a common traditional PVC would do. 

Moreover, the result of using Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia is very beneficial due to its large capacity where it provides hydraulic capacity. Adding to, the pipes are also manufactured with more material efficiency where less embodiment of energy is needed compared to the process of making traditional PVC pipes.

Where Are These Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia Used?

The purpose of using Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia is to fill more fluid or water. Most of the time, the Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia acts as water tanks which are able to store a large capacity of water level in it. The sectors where you can mostly find the existence of such magnificent Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia is from manufacturing companies that work in production space, factories, even sometimes the fire systems like the fire brigade department uses Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia as their backup water supply.  In addition, not to exclude the plumbing system, many plumbing systems in large scale projects where construction is taking place, use Hydro- PVC-O Malaysia as their backup to store water supply etc.

 Hydro-PVC-O Pipe Malaysia
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