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Top 3 Things You Should Adopt As Hobbies Because It Looks Cool.

“Wow, how childish”, you might say after reading the title above. Some people hate to do something just because it looks cool as it sounds immature to them. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have fun and trying to look cool. Some people have a hard time looking for motivation to start something new or looking for things that will ignite their passion. Hence, something that looks cool might be inspiring for them to start figuring out what they might like to do. This could happen to anyone, an adult who is changing his career path, a teen who is lost in what his interest is or an old lady who wants to do something cool in her retirement days. 

Let’s move on to the top things you should adopt as hobbies because it looks cool.


This water sport has existed since long ago when people started exploring the sea. In the modern days, this has become a great activity for a vacation or simply a hobby for those who cannot get rid of the thrill of surfing on the waves of the ocean. Let’s admit it, looking at the people surfing makes them seem very cool as they glide and swerve across the waves. It is interesting that surfing is one of the 33 sports that will make its Olympic debut in July 2021 in Japan. On average, it will cost you between $25 to $100 depending on the popularity of the lessons and where you live. You will also spend from $400 up to $1200 to buy a surfboard. The places you definitely want to check out for the best surfing experience are Hawaii, California and Florida. No matter in what country you go to surf, a seafood feast after surfing is always the best way to complete the day!

Rock Climbing

Another hobby that looks cool is rock climbing. So what is this sport, exactly? It is an activity where participants climb up, down or across natural rocks or artificial rock walls with the goal of reaching the summit or the endpoint of a route without falling. This hobby is very efficient as it can be done outdoors or indoors. The view you can see from rock climbing is very breathtaking since rock climbing is done in the area of mountains with the view of natural nature. However, you can also go to the extreme park facilities where you can do it indoors with a controlled environment.

Scuba Diving

The last sport worth introducing is the well-known water sport done in the beautiful blue sea, scuba diving. This is a sport that really makes the divers look super cool as they dive underwater with their equipment and swimming suits. Surrounded by the corals and colorful fishes, this hobby is worth a try as it is also relaxing for your mind and soul. Do you know that there are many visitor spots to scuba dive in Malaysia?  If you are interested to learn, take  a look at this diving course malaysia where you can get lessons on scuba diving and have the time of your life!

Last Words

There are quite a few hobbies you could try because it looks cool like these three activities, but be careful not to overdo it and push past your limits. Be aware of your expenses and skills before deciding to take an extreme sport as a hobby. You might hurt yourself in the long run, and we wouldn’t want that. If you are clear on that, go wild and try them out!