Why Every Business should Invest in Content Marketing

Why Every Business should Invest in Content Marketing

Before anything else, let us define the profound meaning of content marketing. Some may think that this is simply all about blogging and writing articles, but they are just part of the entire system. When you say content marketing, it means a long-term tactic that utilize content in all types of formats such as videos, infographic, social media posts and so on. The ultimate goal though, is just to drive favorable actions from the targeted audience, though the process is entirely different from the usual paid advertisements you probably see in almost every website you come across.

Why is content marketing trending these days when paid advertisements are easier and have been used for decades? One of the reasons is the fact that people, or let us say, consumers just hate paid advertisements. As we are also all consumers, I am pretty sure there are a lot of situations when you wish you can’t see paid ads anymore especially at times when you are viewing something interesting or listening to music or simply playing video games! They can be annoying when we don’t need them and there are even times when we are willing to register for premium accounts just to get rid of them! Some system you need to have some marketing. If you own a phone shop, you need to do some marketing too.

Business marketers are quite aware of the situations above as well and this triggers their tactics to change. The said situation drives them in finding other ways to get their business through their targeted consumers, and that’s when content marketing comes to mind. This is not just a sound reinforcement, this is even better. This can inspire better relationship between the marketer and the targeted consumers. This is not just a statement from the author of this article, but this is already a tested strategy, and this is why content marketing is becoming a formidable marketing campaign.

That is right and thus content marketing is used by companies in diversified ways such as in their social media accounts, in blogs, data, comments, press and more. You can easily prove this by checking online. Most websites now come with different blogs and articles that might not be directly promoting a certain brand but is still its bottom line. After all, that is the ultimate goal of content marketers, to inspire better relationships and to enlighten them about the many benefits from the brand that is the primary objective of the content marketing campaign.

You might ask if content marketing really works and if this is also applicable to all sizes of business. Well, the answer is a big yes! This will work and this is already proven so many times. Check out below how this can benefit all types of businesses:

1. Smaller Investments Yet Great Returns

Compared when you use paid advertisements that might create a hole in your pocket, that is not the case with content marketing. This is far cheaper. In fact, even if you can’t do the deed yourself and will hire a copywriter, the returns are still greater compared to the paid ads because of the smaller investments.

Yes, as a matter of fact, this strategy cost about 62% less than those known outbound marketing strategies. But it is not just the cost actually but also the returns. Marketing content campaign can bring about 3x number of leads. That said, even if they cost exactly the same, you can still say that this campaign is more rewarding.

2. You Don’t Need to Sell Yourself

The thing with content marketing is you don’t market your products directly though it is the ultimate goal. You offer relevant information that might be in some way related to your brand, but not directly talking about it. And this strategy is already tried and tested to earn trust and interest from your audience. And because of that, they will start seeking you out in other platforms like in social media. They will be hungry for updates and more enlightenment from you.
We all know that consumers are wary of products directly marketed or content that are marketing products at the end. They feel that the author is biased on his promoted brand, thus they will not be easily convinced. This is why a content marketing campaign without directly marketing anything works better than paid advertising strategies.

3. A Chance to Announce Your Business to a Larger Audience

Because of the fact that most consumers are annoyed with paid ads popping in some of the apps or websites, such ads cannot easily live up to their functions. Thus, no matter how you made sure that it is well-made, it can’t still be fully enjoyed by your targeted audience. And this is where marketing content strategy comes in. Knowing that you have built relationship through this strategy and knowing that it cannot hinder anybody, this has the chance of reaching out to a larger audience.

4. Inspire Trust

Unlike with direct advertising, content marketing will slowly nurture the minds of the targeted consumers by filling them up with relevant information that can be beneficial to them. There will be a lot of times when the blogs or articles are not incorporated with any form of advertising, but purely tips so that they will fare well in their day to day activities. Thus, in time, they will become closer to the author and will start to look forward to his latest updates.

And when the time comes when trust is already there, the author can inject at times a little marketing stint so that a favorable action can be expected towards the brand. This will be injected in such a way that the readers will hardly recognize that the article is actually advertising something. It would be like the author just wants to help them make a better choice.

According to statistics, lead nurturing can generate about 47% more purchases compared to direct or non-nurtured leads.

5. Enhance Organic Search Visibility

While you might not be able to compete with the big companies out there when it comes to expensive marketing campaigns, that is not the case with content marketing. That is right as with content marketing, it is all about how passionate you are in updating your readers regularly. If you are too busy, you can hire someone who can do this for you. However, this is where you should have an advantage as for sure, those business owners of big brands are busier. Thus, you will have more time to monitor your marketing strategy. And it goes without saying that you are more capable of providing quality and relevant blogs to your targeted audiences.

6. Making Your Brand as a Critical Resource

Just like when you can easily name something or someone as one of the authorities in your industry, your followers can also refer to you as their critical resource of relevant information. After receiving a lot of informative articles that sometimes, become their solutions in their daily problems, they can promote you or your brand as their reliable resource they need to heed to. That is right and when the time will come that they need to make purchases, you can be assured that you will be one of the first things that will come to mind. Your brand is already bookmarked in their minds that without any hesitation, it will be chosen when the need arises.

7. Can Be a Lead Magnet for Starting Businesses

Offering content as well as making yourself a reliable resource is just what you need to drive visibility and traffic. You can be assured that a steady growth when it comes to the number of leads can be expected, as long as you will make sure to provide top-grade contents in a regular manner.

Yes, this can happen without a doubt, especially if you make sure to sprinkle contents in almost all paths where the buyers can possibly pass while deciding what to purchase. With the right content, you can definitely expect great results that will not only possibly acquire new customers, but at the same time, will also generate new leads.

This is so true and in fact, based on some reports, it is said that those businesses who are regularly sprinkling contents to their blogs see better results than those who did not.

8. Keep Your Website Fresh and Interesting

If you are constantly updating your website with interesting articles that might give solutions to some of the dilemmas of your followers, you can be assured that they will also check it from time to time. As they have never been disappointed, there is even a good chance that they can become your advertisers as well.

You see, when determining its rank, Google does not always consider only the depth or context of the contents but also its freshness. Thus, not only that you get leads, at the same time, you can even possibly get a good ranking which is quite important in your quest to promote your brand.

Indeed, when it comes to business marketing, one will try everything he can possibly think of. He might do a trial and error technique just to make sure that he will end up with the best results. Providing contents though is just one of those that are known to really work. By ensuring that you offer the right words in your contents, your business, though still at the first step of the ladder, has a better chance of growing.