How To Fertilise Palm Plants

How To Fertilise Palm Plants?

In this article, I will be covering how to fertilise the palm plants in the correct way. Most of us think that all you need to do is buy a packed of fertiliser and sprinkle them on the ground where you plant the palm tree. By doing this, you think that the fertiliser for palm plants will be absorbed by a palm tree, and it will get all the needed nutrients. However, it is not true! It is because we plant the tree in an open space. Sometimes the fertiliser will get washed out by the rain and if you did not water the plant then the sun will dry out the soil and fertiliser as well. So you have to pay more attention to the plant before, while and after fertilise the plant so that it will grow healthy.

Lets move on to the topic on how to fertilise the palm plants in a correct way. It will be very useful for beginners as well as for anyone who wants to plant new palm tree. First and foremost, you need to understand that the need to water your new plant. palm oil fertiliser manufacture has the major benefit of watering your new palm as the water will help the new palm to grow successful. In order of that to happen, you need to water your plants every day religiously. No excuses! You need to do that up to 45 days so that the new plant get used to it, and it will not bear any risk such as plant relocation jolt. The 45 days of watering will make the risk get drift away.


You need to put the fertiliser on the top of the tree and not inside of the palm. It sounds hard but it’s easy when you practice it. It makes the roots damage if you did so. One time of fertilising can stay up to 6 weeks, hence you don’t have to do it frequently. You can do it again after 6 weeks only. Sometimes certain meat does have some fertilizer or chemical in it as well. You must check and make sure as Malaysia have all sorts of things going on.

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